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Animal antiparasitics

Essentiel is a range of antiparasitics for dogs and cats based on Geraniol, a naturally occurring active substance.

Thanks to both its products with an immediate action and its products with a preventative action, this range offers a complete treatment solution against fleas and ticks.


Actiplant’3 is a range of insect repellents for dogs and cats, based on 3 active ingrdients : Neem, Geraniol and Lavender, active plant substances recognized for their repellent properties. These 3 ingredients combined in a single formula represent a real plant-based booster that act on fleas, ticks and mosquitoes.

Environmental antiparasitics

Home Protect is a geraniol-based insecticidal treatment for the home. This plant-inspired solution eliminates 100% of parasites in just a few hours, reduces the risk of allergies to dust mites and neutralises odours in the environment thanks to its mint or lemon scent

Home Choc is an insecticide, acaricide and larvicide treatment for the environment. Thanks to the synergy of these 4 active ingredients, this range of products immediately kills adult parasites, with a long-lasting effect. It also stops the development of eggs and larvae.



Developed by nutritionists passionate about cats, My Little Friandise is a natural and healthy food supplement which can be given as a reward or snack in addition to meals.

Hygiene and care

A range of hygiene products to ensure the daily care of animals. All these products are made from plants to ensure the health of dogs and cats.

ANI PUR combines all the benefits of essential oils in a range of ready-to-use products for pets. Thanks to galenic and adaptive formats, these products target the main problems for the animal and popularise the use of essential oils for the prevention and relief of everyday ailments as naturally as possible.

Cleansers and repellents

Genuine support for training the animal, the REPULSIF STOP range keeps your animals away from specific areas and thus avoids dirts of your cats and dogs for both inside and outside your home.

The URINE STOP range effectively and durably removes  urine odours and prevents recurrence for both inside and outside your home. It consists of 3 cleaning sprays as well as a specific clay earth , a natural stain remover.

Others animals

A full range of products to treat your poultry against parasites and keep them healthy throughout their lives.

The Essentiel rodents range offers a wide range of products for the hygiene and health of ferrets, rabbits and other small rodents.