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A natural active ingredient, Geraniol

Defender and supplier of Geraniol

What is Geraniol ?


Geraniol is a monoterpene, as well as an unsaturated terpene alcohol. It is the primary component in rose oil, palmarosa oil, and citronella oil. Its rose perfume makes it a highly prized substance in perfumery, in the food industry and in household products.


Geraniol is naturally present in many fruits, vegetables, spices and essential oils:  acacia oil, apple juice , beer , blackberry, lemon juice …).


Mainly extracted from the Palmarosa plant, it appears as a clear to pale-yellow oil which is insoluble in water, but soluble in the most common organic solvents.

Geraniol benefits

Geraniol has insecticidal and repellent properties very effective against parasites. This active ingredient causes dehydration of adult parasites and stops growth of eggs and larvae.



Geraniol is contained in the Biocide regulation 528/2012 which controls biocidal products on the European market. Laboratoire AGECOM is committed to supporting the inclusion of this substance in the Biocide Regulation 528/2012 in order to offer a natural alternative to chemical treatment against fleas and ticks. More precisely, we support Geraniol through two product categories, named : PT’s 18 (Insecticides Product Types ) and PT’s 19 (Repellents Product Types).

Agecom, Geraniol supplier


Our expertise in this active substance means that we are one of the suppliers listed as an official supplier of Geraniol.

Our customers can contact us about purchasing pure Geraniol (CAS No. 106241, 98% pure) as well as, at the customer’s request, about purchasing Geraniol integrated into a specific formula.